Monday, December 26, 2011

Long board Wheels and Deck

Wheels are another important part of a long board setup. Too hard and you don't get enough grip, too soft and your wheels wear out too fast. It also depends on what type of wheel you prefer.

 I have Riviera 70mm wheels. Mine are pretty soft, which helps since I ride around on bad side walks all the time. It allows me to roll over bumps easier then a hard wheel would. I love these wheels, and I plan on getting another set as soon a mine are worn out and i have the money.

As for my deck, I currently have a cruiser deck, it's rather short and wide, unlike a traditional "Long" board. I can't find a picture of it, but its about 36 inches long, and about 10 inches wide at its widest point. Very good for navigating around city sidewalks. I plan on getting a longer board this summer so that  can ride down logn steep hills with ease.

Long Board Trucks

Long board trucks are a really important part of any set up, I am currently using a set of Randal II's that a received from a friend.

These are the trucks that I am using, they are amazing, i love them very much. At 24$ each, they are a deal. I recommend these for anyone who plans on reaching speeds above 25 miles per hour. Tell me what kind of trucks you use in the comments please, I would like to hear from other long boarders what they use and howq they work for them.

In my next few posts i'll be telling what kind of wheels, and board I use as well

Longboard brand reviews


Longboards are bigger skateboards, used for cruising around faster than normal skateboards, and not used for tricks. Read some reviews about other longboards at the URL below.

In my future posts, i'll give info about long boards that i like, use and plan on using in the future